Untitled - February, 2018

Original video and sound design for collaborative performance piece with NYC-based choreographer Holly Heidt.  Performed at The Woods Collective in Ridgewood, Brooklyn, NY.  Rehearsal footage.

Rock the Box - May, 2011

MuddExteriorThis contemplative performance experience asked an unsuspecting public to critically think about their physical environment, and related internalized patterns of behavior.  The site-specific performance moves through repetition in space and in the body, whle performers consider the psychological and emotional repetitions that might be linked to such movements.  Footage of repeating movement echoed the dance around the corner, while cardboard boxes amplified the minimal sound.

Performed by Sophia Bamert, Rachel Saudek, and Molly Schaffner

Fabric Dance -- May 2011
Fabric Dance explores group intention and discovery through the simple question: what fabrics hold us together, as families, communities, individuals, and members of groups?
Performed bySophia Bamert, Dani Gershkoff, Molly Schaffner, and Hannah Selin
Untitled --  2009
Movement study at Oberlin College based on embodiment of snow moving in air, and shapes of snowflakes moving together