Move and Hear Sounds  2015

Interactive motion tracking piano created for Portland Public Schools during my time as a Teaching Artist through Art4Life

Birdies - May 2011

“Nests” made of recycled piano strings can be found in tree branches.  In the nests, there are birdies (circuits) Birds see light differently than we do. Cadmium cells respond to light, and control frequency, amplitude and speed.  Peter Blasser, visiting professor at Oberlin TIMARA Department, helped design this.  His awesome website, ciat-lonbarde, includes amazing circuit design sketches, instruments, and more.

 The Heart of It - May 2011

This video archival footage, from the Prelinger Archives, is from a 1930s video Heritage of Splendor, documenting plants blooming.  “The Heart of It” expands on this idea of a bloom – coming into full expression in exchange with others – through Kinect motion-tracking.  As people approach and enter the space, the video – or flowers – become brighter and more vivid.